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Dr. Moussa Elbaz Ph.D

Vice-Président  Développement

Francine Boivin M.A

vice-présidente internationnale

Exportoplus inc

Canadian international

trade office

Exportoplus Canada

Doctor Jean Ellezam has a doctorate in economy, was educated at the Sorbone in Paris, France.  He taught economics and sociology at the University of Montreal and wrote books in this field. He has extensive business experience and has established several successful companies in Canada and France.

Dr. Elbaz has extensive experience in gemology and mineralogy. Research director, he practiced at the University of Montreal and in industry. He has authored numerous publications. Very versatile, it is also an important trading strategist in the field of geology.

Dr Jean Ellezam Ph.d


Francine Boivin has an impressive curriculum as past president of several European and Canadian companies. Her expertise in structuring commercial projects. She understands entrepreneurs and guides them effectively in their financial, conceptual and commercial choices.